Mini Seriko Switch Review


Got my Seriko switches in the mail today. I should note that I own several different JWK produced switches, but this is my first time to try a silent linear. These could be similar to silent alpacas, but I’ve only every tried the standard version. Tacit switches were my first silent yet tactile JWK switch. Everything else I own is linear. These are my observations from a few hours with the switches:


  • Low wobble
  • Fairly smooth (except when pressed off-center, but I discuss this more below)
  • Very quiet
  • They look cool :sunglasses:


  • Slight stick at the top from the silencing mechanism on the stem. It’s extremely subtle, but present.
  • There is something different about the molds used here. The tops are hard to remove… I’ve never seen that in a JWK switch. Interestingly, the switches still benefit from filming. If you type on them unfilmed, you will get a small plastic creak every now and then from the tops.
  • These tighter tops cause the stem to bind on off-center presses. Lubing helps some, but it’s still present in extreme edge presses.

I suggest:

  • Spring swapping to a lighter spring. They are supposed to be 67g springs, but I find the combination of that weight with the slight stick and binding to be too heavy. I swapped to a 65g TX spring which is noticeably lighter.

  • Lube them, focusing on the sides where the silencing rubber is. A thin amount of lube on those parts gets rid of that stick at the top.

  • Film them. You can get away without filming them if you aren’t too picky about a stray noise here and there, but I will be adding films to mine.

So, do they unseat my beloved MX Zilents for best silent linear? There are trade offs. I love the fact that the wobble is minimal. Wobble is a pretty substatial issue on MX Zilents. However, I still prefer the overall feel of the press on the MX stems to Serikos. The Serkio key press feels somewhat shortened to me. It’s not as satisying. I’ll have to keep at them for a while before I can make a firm decision.

Overall good silent switch that benefits from a lighter spring swap. Still not an out of the ballpark hit for slient linears.


Thanks for the write up! Do you happen to have any thoughts on using grease or oil for lubing the sides where the silencing rubber is?

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I used a very light coating of 205g0. It seems to stay in place best for me.

BE VERY CAREFUL in lubing the side rails. You can easily screw up the rubber dampeners! Even a light brushing can cause it to turn incorrectly.

I might even suggest that you lube the top housing instead of chancing messing up the dampeners on the side rails.

Turn incorrectly?

I kind of got 205g0 all over my Helios.

Yeah, it sounds strange, but the rubber parts are just like a rectangle that slips over the side rails. If you brush up against it, it will spin out of place!

Hmm, guess Helios are made in a different way then.
It’s molded in those.

Good info on the housing! I hear similar from other customers.
We asked them to change the terrible wobbly housing, I think Dailyclack told them it is unacceptable wobbly (samples), and I pushed back a bit more later on. From what I can tell they’re way tighter than any JWK/Durock/Everflow/etc. brand I own. They also sound thocky out of the box which is great! :smiley:
The crazy long delay aside, I’m pretty happy with the switches we got.


Are there extras?

we don’t have any left overs but dailyclack might have some after fulfillment is done