Minimal PCB Supports - 60% Case Design Revision Feedback

I’m working on a design revision and was wondering what people thought about minimal PCB supports.

This would work well with RGB underglow and should work with most of the PCBs I’ve tested. In any case, it would be user modifiable easily if something did not fall into place. A pair of wire snips or a craft knife should remove the few millimeters of plastic the support would be created from.

The design below is my tentative design featuring just enough supports to prevent flex, but no supports are near any stabilizer positions.

I guess I don’t understand. Aren’t the supports you show here the standard ones present on most 60% cases? I’m not seeing “fewer” supports than standard.

Oh sorry, let me clarify, I’m referring to the supports around the rim of the case, not the actual PCB standoffs.

They are around 2mm in size and are supposed to catch the edge of the PCB to prevent the PCB from flexing while typing.

Okay, that makes sense. I think it would work fine. I have several cases that don’t have any supports around the edge and I’ve never experienced flex when typing.

Yeah, I use steel plates, so my builds don’t flex either, but I was thinking if someone wanted a cheaper 60% with a printed case and just a PCB and switches, it may work a little better to support the PCB.


I like the ideal of this case, I think it would probably give an awesome soft feel to use a 3D printed case with just a PCB & no plate!

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