Minimum spring rating for Cherry MX brown

Hi there,

I’m interested in spring swapping my cherry mx hyperglide browns to something lighter than the stock spring. Does anyone know what the minimum spring rating would be to ensure there are no return issues? I was looking at swapping in TX long 45g or 50g springs.


I was experimenting with 30g springs (Sprit Supreme) and didn’t notice any return issues on MX brown, but it was slightly less snappy compared to using it on linears due to the small tactile bump. You should be fine with 45 or 50g.

Haven’t tried myself, but I would consider TX extra long (18mm vs 16mm) for a snappier return at the same bottom out force.


I regularly used to read about people using 45 G Korean springs on MX Browns, presumably they were 15mm.

No return issues were reported, the tactility was a little more distinct, kind of “Ergo Browns.”

I would still want to use a 60 G spring on the spacebar. Stock Browns actually make for good spacebars, and some people used them on Ergo Clear builds.

If you are using a lower weight and are unsure about return issues, you could use a longer spring as suggested above. The 18mm mStone springs are much more powerful than regular springs, and I think they come in 50 G, 52 G and such. [OUTEMU 52 G springs from their custom line, as used on Bobagum, are also poppy but light-feeling.]