Minor tips from recent remix

While the type and quality of parts matter a lot, I’m finding joy in finding the combination that is greater than the sum of its parts. With hot-swappable PCB, it’s more remix than rebuild but here are some recent findings from trying to find the best plate/case combo for keysets:

  • GMK and ePBT keysets seem to be pretty good in every combo. I think this may be the hidden reason why they are popular.
  • JTK keyset seems best with POM plate and aluminum case. Other combos just didn’t feel as good. Higher pitch I noted in another post was caused by acrylic case I was using. With aluminum case, sound is at par with GMK. More I use, more I like. Too bad their legend still has issues. If JTK keyset renders used real JTK font for legends instead of GMK legend font, I think that may encourage JTK to fix the issue more.
  • BSP/CRP keyset seems best with brass plate and acrylic case. BSP quality is excellent but they feel harder and sound harsher than ePBT which acrylic case somehow helps soften enough for prolonged use.