Mistel MD650L Ergonomic... A Modern Keyboard with Cherry ML Switches

Link to keyboard on Amazon

Deskthority Wiki link to Cherry ML Switches

Interesting choice of low profile Switch. Cherry ML switches are 3mm of travel on short chiclet keys and are … the result of combining a cherry mx brown and a wet newspaper. That’s what this is.

Honestly I like the idea of the board, but I wish they went with better switches >.<

What do you all think about this board?

Nope. ABS caps, low profile, a branded key, and a split space bar? I really like the 65%-70% design but this is not one I will look at.

Lubed ML switches are in my experience not as bad as a lot of people think. The bigger problem is that you won’t find any third party keycaps

Why is that a problem? Not everyone changes their keycaps like [hopefully] their underwear. This isn’t 2009-2013 anymore, a lot of keyboards now come with keycaps you may have no reason to change [ie: doubleshot, dyesub, etc.]

I tried Cherry ML a while ago and didn’t find it offensive; I just didn’t like it in the cramp Cherry G84-4100 75% layout. Yes the switches can bind on off center presses but you get used to it. Since this is split I’d imagine you would run into binding issues even less often as you can type on it more naturally.

One advantage of Cherry ML is they seem a bit more robust when it comes to resisting chattering. In the last 10 years or so I don’t think I’ve read of a single account of a chattering ML switch. [I know the response is going to be, “because nobody uses them for very long!” But they do have their fans.] Meanwhile there are many reviews of Kailh low profile switches chattering out of the box.

If I had to nitpick I’d say I’m not a fan of the pre retro yellowed look on the non-modifiers. I suspect Mistel is getting their caps from Signature Plastics that have been sitting around for a while.

Sure a lot of people don’t want to change keycaps, I just assumed a lot of people here would want to change them :grinning:

I own a Cherry G84-4100 and yes it is crammed but IIRC the keycaps are smaller then MX keycaps.
As far as I know there are ML boards with larger keycaps
and the ones from SP are larger as well.

To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever tried lubed ML switches :thinking:

I used the mentioned cherry ml board for more than a year. Lubed it with Silicone oil(without opening the switches). The initial scratchiness went away completely and never came back.