Mito is making a DCS set with Cherry legends. DCS lovers rejoice!

I asked in discord and he said they were going to be produced by SP and that the legends would look exactly like in the photos (cherry style) and not the default DCS legends. Love the turbo key :slight_smile:

Will be sold through Drop, of course. Wonder what kind of pricing they can get?


Like Cherry but even more expensive!

Joking aside DCS is thin with fragile-ish stems. I am glad to see it getting some support and the way SP kits it can be cheaper, but I’m torn about this.

Only Alps support would make this a definite buy for me.


I really enjoy DCS on lighter switches and tacticles. They even make clickies feel nicer :slight_smile: It’s like driving in a lighter car or a car that lets you adjust the suspension. A bit more of the road feedback for a change.


I’m definitely jumping on this, classic colorway with modern compatibility :eyes: I also agree DCS can really compliment some switches & builds nicely, DCS Toxic showed me that. I really grabbed that set just to have since I got a great deal on it & there isn’t many of them out in the wild. Although ended up loving DCS on light linears & been wanting a good compat DCS set ever since LOL!


This is a very clean looking set! Will add this to my wishlist! :smiley:

It looks a bit like GMK Sleeves :stuck_out_tongue:

Also DCS can sound really good.

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I’m looking forward to supporting this although it would be next level if it had icon mods IMO.

How about making a DCS set with 1.5mm thick walls?

But seriously, I appreciate new DCS being made. I’m typing on WYSE keycaps right now, but not the thick ones. It’s true that they’re fragile - I accidentally snapped a piece off my delete key when removing it for testing! Didn’t know that could happen.

I totally agree that DCS is great for light tactiles. I use them on worn-in Browns, and it’s about the best profile you could use. Thin DCS gives you more feedback, thick DCS gives you more smoothness and better sound.


And it’s gone live:

$155 or more, if you want to fill a 100% including accent keys.

Not sure about the value proposition, compared to GMK [or anything, really]. I like DCS, and could see myself using this [typing on WYSE right now]. Something I’d have to think about, sell my MT3 WoB to get, suppose.

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Point of clarification: These spacebars will be DCS profile, right?

That’s going to be problematic, as they’re angled too high for a lot of modern boards. It’s too bad, because the colours are great.

[Still thinking of ordering them!]

No 40% support
No novelties
No Alps

What a waste of a DCS run.

Looks nice and with Mitos name will sell very well.

yeah ill probably join always down for another DCS set and none of those things particularly matter to me

I really am curious about this set, especially with all the drama that is being brought up about this “stealing” from GMK Muted and Mr. Sleeves. I have nothing in that fight, and personally don’t want to, but I am very very interested in a 2020 DCS set that has palatable legends to it. I will have to see if I can sell one of my other boards to try this one out.