[MK] [H] Norbaforce mk3(GOCF) + Realforce 87u 45g [W] PayPal, Trades

Hi Keebtalk! Looking to sell all of my Topre related belongings, as I’ve decided that it’s not for me and I will be sticking to mx. [MK] is in Europe by the way!

The Norbaforce is built with beige 87u internals, 45g Novatouch domes, 205g0 on sliders, 86 silence-x rings that aren’t currently installed, but will be included. Package comes with original boxes from both boards, the Norbaforce accessory box includes credential folio, extra screws, hex tools, o-rings, daughterboard, jst connector, merino wool dampener.

Asking 690€ shipped worldwide with DHL Express.

I’m also looking to trade this board for a Matrix 2.0Add, F1-8X, Polaris, Prophet or something similar to these, I’d love to hear your offers. +/- PayPal accordingly.

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