Mobile friendly

Has anyone acknowledged the fact that this website is mobile friendly? Yay! I was never good with Tapatalk.


I think it’s pretty great. Their app is ehhhh but whatever, so was Tapatalk, at least the mobile site is way better.

It makes sitting on the toilet and reading about keyboards about 350% more enjoyable.


I agree; I’m not a huge fan of the iOS app for Discourse forums. I think the reason it doesn’t get much love from the developers is that the mobile version of the website is just already so good.


Ugh, tapatalk is horrible.

If the mobile site is very good, anymore, there is no reason for a mobile app then. Especially if there are no “special features” that the app has, that make the UX any better.

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the only reason I can see using the iOS app is to get an at a glance update of multiple discourse forums you may be active in

True, that’s a good point.