Modding mass-produced mech (DS-90 before and after)

The stock switches were Cherry MX reds which were very scratchy.

The switches I swapped in are Hako with 55g Sprit springs and Christo Lube MCG 129

The keyboards has silicone caulk added between plate and PCB, foam and tire balancing weights added to the bottom under the PCB. I have clipped and lubed the stabs as well.


Hefty! Silicone caulk, eh? Interesting.

You could consider this type of fishing weights(which should be made of lead and fairly malleable and thin) for possibly more density in a tight space:

They should be fairly easy to find in aliexpress by searching lead strip and can come in widths around 0.5mm or so. I guess the disadvantages of this would be that it doesn’t come with the pre-applied double-sided tape that was on the weights you used. I’m personally really considering purchasing that exact board and modding it. Hope I can find the time one of these days to do it.

My biggest concern about this keyboard is incompatible keycaps, but I’ll probably never change them so oh well

Most of the keys look standard, exept for that spacebar, but investing 100+ dollars for a mech that cost 18 doesn’t seem too worth it.