Model M and QMK?

I haven’t kept up to date with all of the latest Model M controllers available in the past few years as I’ve been distracted by Cherry MX customs.

Does anyone know if there’s a QMK-compatible controller that can be used on a Model M?

I don’t know if the is one for the Model M specifically, but in general, if it supports TMK, it should support QMK too.

And I think thi is what you want:

Close! I actually want a full-on replacement PCB, not just an adapter I can plug the existing SDL-PS/2 PCB into.

Some googling yesterday brought up the Maxx Model M replacement controller, and it looks like this is closer to what I wanted: supports TMK, so I’m sure I can get QMK up on it, and replaces the actual controller instead of wedging some sort of adapter in there.


And yeah, if it supports QMK, then it should be “simple enough” to add QMK support for it. But if you have difficulty with that, hit up QMK’s discord. Lots of helpful people there that may be able to help!

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I do have the QMK USB2USB converter which i mainly use for my novatouch. I tryed it with my model m chained with a cheap ps2 to usb converter. it worked, but i did hit a brick wall because the model m does have a cheap membrane and does not support hitting serveral keys, depending on the membrane matrix at once. And my CapsFN did simply not work. :frowning:

This is exactly the kind of thing that I would be infuriated about, and the reason why I want a whole replacement controller PCB and not just an adapter. :slight_smile:

Well, i don’t think the controller can fix that it is just a membrane without diodes.
the qmk usb converter does work great with my novatouch.
As far as my knowledge goes It’s physically not possible to register capslock + a (which is my left arrow) at the same time on a model m.
So make sure to check what keycombinations you want to press and if the matrix does allow for that. :slight_smile:

Depends on what you mean by “that” - I know the membrane can’t do anything about ghost keys without diodes, but the CapsLock key seems to be handled differently by the original Model M controller.

I wonder how hard it would be to make new membranes with SMT diodes…

this = [quote=“Ibexlord, post:7, topic:2496”]
to register capslock + a (which is my left arrow) at the same time on a model m.

Well back then no one thought someone would ever press capslock and wasd at the same time.
i looking that the website you linked capslock is addressed as 6,3 which might interfere with w (3,3) and s(2,3)…

what just do some research to avoid disappointment :slight_smile:

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That’s not really the problem. The problem is that the original PCB treats CapsLock, specifically, differently.

I can say this with some authority because I’m typing this reply on my Model M SSK, with my own custom PCB (which unfortunately doesn’t support QMK, because it didn’t exist a decade ago when I implemented this). I can hit CapsLock+W, A, S, D, and any other key - I have the CapsLock key remapped to Ctrl on this particular firmware, and every single two-key combination works fine.