Modern Coup Keyboard Sleeve/Carry Case Review



Thanks for sharing this; I actually watched it earlier today. I’m not the world’s biggest canvas duck fan, but these look really nice.

The TKL flaps looked a little fiddly to attach and release. Is that perception correct? (I’m exceedingly lazy.)


They actually work pretty well! The magnets are decently strong and require a bit of strength to open, which I think is good considering we’re going to be putting some relatively heavy objects in the sleeve.


Would you put your Alice in the sleeve, and trust the magnets to hold your Alice if you turned it where that opening was towards the ground? :thinking:


I have their 65% case and while it is well made, it is quite a it bigger than I would think would be necessary. The case is at least two inches longer and wider than a typical 65%, which makes the board feel like it is swimming inside. I can actually fit a TKL inside it, although it’s tight. I can understand wanting to accommodate as many boards as possible within a size class, but when I ordered I thought it would be more of a fitted sleeve than I ended up getting.


Asking the hard questions…


Oh, I think the magnets are great. I was actually talking about leather straps that fit through the buckle-like findings.


:thinking: Would like to, but they are not that strong RIP. Probably wouldn’t trust my Fjell in the 60% sleeve either.


OH. Yes those. They are bit fiddly, but I don’t find it more so than any other strap that uses the same mechanism. Found them about as fiddly as trying to install camera straps for our cameras.


I have one for my Pearl 40% and my only complaint is that the case doesn’t have any padding to protect against dents while taking it places. I only use it to travel to meetups so the lack of padding isn’t a huge issue with me but for someone who plans to take their boards to and from work you might want to look for other offerings. Other then that though it’s the nicest case in terms of build quality out of the three different carry bags I own.