Modern options that sound like the Apple M0110?


I’m new here and I’m also just finding out about the vast world of mechanical keyboards.

A few days back I recalled -out of the blue- the beautiful sound that my 1984 Macintosh keyboard made. That was my first computer as a kid. Nostalgia hit, full force, making me wonder if there is an equivalent-sounding modern keyboard out there. It has become a mission, but I’m overwhelmed with all the brands and options for boards, switches and keycaps.

One would think there’s probably a golden combination that will produce a similar sound. Is there?

I don’t care about looks or layout. This is a good example of the sound I’m after:

I found about the “Modern M0110” keyboard. While it does look like the original, I’m not hearing the deeper clacking sound of the original, at least judging from this video and the particulars of the switches, etc.

Any leads or pointers to help me on my quest would be greatly appreciated.



I’ve never used an OG M0110, but I’m typing this on the modern M0110, based on the video above, I don’t think you would get the sound you’re after for it. The aesthetics are on point, because the case material is different the sound will be completely different.

Maybe someone has a better suggestion, but it sounds like what you’re after is something with a rigid plate, and plastic case with some hollowness to it. For best results ALPs switches (like the original) would probably come closest, but you could probably approximate it with some MX variant.

There’s also always the option of actually just getting an M0110 as well, iirc there is a way to convert it to USB.

And maybe SA Keycaps?
They produce that booming clack sound in the video if I am not mistaken?
I think that way you could approximate the sound and get a switch sound similar to that of the Alps Tall Cream.
Just a newbie opinion.

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Yeah, I don’t know a ton about the apple caps, but maybe DCS would be closer?

Or a DSS?

As someone mentioned, literally just using the original keyboard with a USB adapter is an option. I have done that and it works reasonably well. Although I don’t find the sound of the board to be that amazing — it’s pretty pingy.


Hey man! Welcome to the great game! You’ve landed on the thing that drives us all, the quest for the perfect feeling and sounding keyboard. Good luck!


I’ve used Mac keyboards since the original Mac and the sound I remember is nice but not as dramatically nice as the video. I suspect the microphone amplified the thocky sound. As to the real sound, I think much of it is due to the combination of ALPS and thick plastic case, meaning it’ll be very difficult to reproduce the sound using a non-ALPS switch and an aluminum case.

I think the best starting point may be one of @keyboardbelle’s cases with POM plate and either Holy Panda or Cream although the sound made by MX switch stems with extra long tip, like Halo and Cream, may be too high in pitch.