Modified 1800 Layouts

The 1800 layout is probably one of my favorite layouts, but I feel like it never gets any respect and definitely doesn’t get the fun modifications like some other layouts get. I love it because it’s more compact and I find myself using the numpad a lot…at the same time though, I always felt like it could be more compact. Not only that, but, once upon a time, it would not be covered by group buy base kits and would require you to buy expensive add on kits to fill it out.

Long story short, I’m intrigued by the layout and was wanting some feedback on different layouts I was messing around with. They draw heavily on the HHKB and 1800 for inspiration and include the increasingly common split spacebar.

Modified 1800 with Rotary Encoder V1:

Modified 1800 with Rotary Encoder V2:

Modified 1800:

HHKB 1800 V1:

HHKB 1800 V2:

Size Comparison of Rotary encoder (2.25u larger than standard TKL):

Size Comparison Without Rotary encoder (1.25u larger than standard TKL):


I like retaining the 2.75u R shift, but not too keen on the split space. Would need to buy specific spacebar kits to augment my current cap library.

Is there a difference with the two different Rotary Encoder versions other than the rendered size?