MOI Monthly Keyboard Photo Contest: October Halloween!

Hi friends, I want to try something fun.

Everyone loves photo competitions right? Well I got one for you.


  1. Pictures must be Halloween themed
  2. Every picture must include a keyboard in some aspect
  3. Entrants can submit an album of up to 5 photos
  4. Final date to accept submissions will be 10/28 at 12PM PT
  5. Winner will be Announced 10/31 at 12PM PT

$5 from yours truly. It’s not much, but hey it’s something.


  • A single photo will have the same weight as an album
    – Whether you want one amazing photo, or a series of photos that tell a story, it’s up to you!
  • The more thematic you are, the better :slight_smile:
  • Have fun with your shots! Whether it’s getting friends, family, or loved ones involved, get into the spirit of Halloween.
    – Or carve a family of pumpkins to help you out. I don’t judge (:eyes: or do I).

Let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to start posting your submissions below!