Momoka Frog V3 Switch Review

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Bit of an earlier one this weekend since I’m going to be out of town tomorrow, but I promise it’s still just as good as any other Sunday review. No princes to be found in this one, only a review of the new Momoka Frog V3s. Does Momoka, who is one of the newer switch brands in the scene right now, really have what it takes to stand out in the slew of new switch brands out there?

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As always, hope you all enjoy as this was a bit of a fun one to get to explore in no short part due to Momoka’s transparency and help in securing some switches. (The continued support from you all, as well, made this one just that bit more enjoyable too!)



Another :100: for a great review good sir. Very informative. Do those bubbled LED slots interfere with cherry keycaps like spotted in the below vid with sort of similar NCR’s? The diffuser on the TTC’s can be totally removed where the Frog’s look integrated.

Looping in @Reimu64 :nerd_face:


Another excellent review. I don’t think I’ve ever read one of your articles and not learned something.

Re: Lube on housing as shown in Fig. 5; I’ve seen this once before, on the KK Light Wave V2. Not sure if it was intentional per-se, but I’d guess it has to do with the factory lubing method aiming for the spring and stem. This switch also has some extra plastic shaping in the bottom housing, though different from what we can see here in the Frog.

@ajoflo I can confirm the LED domes are integrated into the Frog housing - they also don’t extend downward like the light-pipes in Halo & Polia housings or those removable ones.