MonsGeek M2?

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Has anyone tried the above? I need an 1800 layout for the numpad and smaller width. There are a lot of options, I like the price of the M2 but is it any good? My main concerns are sound, I want a quiet board for work. Thanks in advance.

I built an M2 for my wife a few months back. She won’t be without a numpad but doesn’t like full size boards, and I wasn’t prepared to bite on KBDFans prices.

The M2 is a fantastic board that can be made to sound amazing. For the price it’s unbeatable in that form factor. I feel delight when I hear the board because even when my wife is in a typing fury it still sounds good.

Some tips:

  • Tighten the stabilisers just enough that they won’t fall off the PCB. Full tight, and they will bind.
  • The default VIA setup is mad, take some time to build something practical for the config.
  • The Monsgeek M series boards all need force break to avoid case ping.
  • Make sure your keycap set includes 1.5u RAlt and RCtrl keys. Note that RCtrl is MO(3) by default.

Thank you very much for the advice!!

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I own a number of 1800 keyboards, including the M2. I use the Monsgeek M2 as my primary keyboard at work. the tl;dr of it is that I love it, it’s weighty, without a weight. If you include all of the foam and install the included force break mod then it’s not super loud to begin with. Then if you use a quiet (like a Morandi) or silent switch (Like the WS Silent) switch then you can make the keyboard darn near silent.

I did have a problem with the included stabs and i replaced the stabs several times and had issues with each one for different reasons, but I changed over to Plate Mount stabs and I have not had an issue since.

To put it in comparison with the other keyboards I own. I like the M2 more than the Keychron Q5 (but the Q5 Pro includes wireless and you may that). The QK100 is a better keyboard than the M2 and is sleeker and nicer, but it’s got limited availability and is more expensive, but not as expensive as the Q5 Pro). The V5 was kinda hollow sounding, but the V5 Max will have Gasket Mounting which could be a game changer. The Akko 3098B is nice, but not as nice as the M2. It does have wireless though and is cheaper than the M2 and comes as an prebuilt kit and if you get the Ocean Star it comes with Akko Crystal switches which are nice with ASA keycaps. The Epomaker RT100 is fun with the little attached terminal and you can get it with Seashell Silent switches, but it’s got a very gamery design. The GK970 is nice, but not as nice as the M2… I think as far as my 1800 keyboards, the only 1800 I like more is the QK100. I will update when I get the Zoom98 :slight_smile:


Many thanks for this helpful information!! I have also looked at the QK100 but am a bit confused on some of the details listed on it’s site. It says the wired/soldered boards are QMK and support VIAL but there is no mention on the Tri-mode wireless support.
As far as the Keychron Q5, that looks like a really nice setup but a bit out of my budget range (as is the QK100 tbh). Though I have to say, my other Keychron boards are very “hollow” sounding. I did add case foam to one but the difference is negligible.
Thanks again!

The Tri-Mode Wireless version is not QMK/VIA compatible. It uses their proprietary QKConfig software to control the screen. (The screen is only available on the tri-mode PCB and per-key RGB is only available on the wired PCB. Which is why the wired PCB is QMK/VIA compatible and the tri-mode is not… the little LCD screen. LOL

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I see, makes me less interested in the LCD version. Thanks so much for the update!

Technically it’s because Akko/Monsgeek doesn’t separate the 2.4GHz firmware into its own layer, so adding QMK/VIA firmware would violate the open licences on those. Some manufacturers have taken the trouble to separate firmware layers but it adds to the cost, so probably not viable (pun intended) at Monsgeek prices.

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Which seems weird since we’re talking about the Qwertykeys QK100, so I guess if we’re being technical it would be because Qwertykeys doesn’t separate. :wink:

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