Monstargear HHKB

Looks like the company is going to release an HHKB style 60% - I cannot tell from the video whether it is top mount or tray mount.

In any case, the affordable board competition is really heating up.


Screw holes in bottom means it’s 2 pieces so almost certainly top mount. Thanks for sharing. :pray:t3:


I don’t know why I am automatically dismissing any mx ‘hhkb’ keyboard.

There something about the original that makes the others feel fake.

I like the shape of that a lot


Found it on GH. It’s a gasket mount:


Some images from their Discord (looks like standard ANSI and WKL will be options as well) -


There is a geekhack IC for it. =)

I really like the design.

Other than the obvious switch feel difference, I dislike that most (if not all?) MX HHKBs have a 7u spacebar. Why not 6.25u when the original was 6u?


I actually havent been this interested in a new board in a while, def in for a WKL of this one

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For symmetry

i.e., form over function

respectfully, I don’t think that a 6.25u has any functional advantage over a 7u. They are certainly easy to find mainstream kits that include 6.25u spaces though (though there are tonnes that include 7u).

I do agree that the main draw of a 7u spacebar is aesthetics though. I like Topre HHKBs but the unbalanced bottom blockers is not as appealing to me as MX HHKBs.


Pretty interesting, love the weight design myself! Kinda curious as to how stiff this will be, that’s a lot of fin & gasket area, but it does have relief cuts between the fins & main plate? Overall at $295 it seems worth a shot to me!

I thought my collection of 60% cases was “complete”, but this looks great! I’d definitely consider it.

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The standard ANSI version reminds me of the Tind.

Isn’t anyone bothered by the MX “HHKB” keyboard which doesn’t have split backspace?

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Nope. I find it to be the most easy to use and visually appealing layouts out there. I have 7 keyboards like this :slight_smile:

I always built my HHKBs with full backspace.

There is room for split backspace on the plate. U have to provide pcb by yourself.

That’s really odd, I didn’t expect 3 people to agree with what they call “HHKB”. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I mean, for me HHKB is exactly that split spacebar, everything else about the layout can be reprogrammed on any custom board (or even more; for example CTRL on Caps Lock I’ve used since forever anyway, via remapping in OS before I got into custom keyboards), keys which would be on spacers on the bottom could be simply not used on any remotely regular 60%.

Since I got my first HHKB I can’t even type anymore on keyboards with full backspace, I am about to resolder few of my keyboards I want to use still (just waiting to have some free time for it).

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I started out with 60% ansi. Got used to that layout for a few years. Then I found the amazing HHKB split right shift arrow/nav layout. Not too picky about the bottom row, and I can take or leave control at the caps position. I still usually program it to function on hold.

I do have 5 HHKB layout boards with backspace on the pipe key. It usually only takes me a few minutes to adjust, but I still prefer it in the top right.