MorgRie -

Is this site legit? The board is/was on zfrontier but has anyone actually purchased from

Looks sketchy but I’d love to get RKB 68.

I’ve never seen it before, but I have the one from zfrontier. I feel obligated to chime in that while it looks awesome it is godawful to actually type on with the flat keycaps and low profile switches. One of these days I need to remember to sell it.


How bad is the Morgrie to type on and why? What color switch did you get? I have always wondered about it.

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Most of my beef is with the switches i think, although I don’t like the keycaps either. For some reason I got the brown switches and they just feel bad to me. They are super scratchy and crunchy to the feel, and the sound isn’t great either. I don’t like the way the keycaps are cupped, I think the indent is too small, compared to a flat profile like DSA or XDA where the whole surface is indented.

Good to know. Lack of sculpted caps is what really turns me off to Choc - I can just type on a laptop with a scissor switch if I want that experience.

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Yup. I would rather type on the cramped keyboard on my surface go case than this one, the switches in that feel nicer.

The site seems to be legit. If you go to the Chinese ZFrontier site for the Morgrie 60 there is a video for the product which at the end shows this website.

Link to ZFrontier Morgrie 60: zfrontier com/mch/1aGnv4eyVzbo
Direct link to video: img.zfrontier com/zfvideo/20190107/zf5c334f82832a4/640

Oddly enough I’m not a big fan of normal “high profile” mechanical switches. But checking the website, it seems like the RKB 68 is out of stock? Which one of you bought the last one :slight_smile:

Maybe it was never in stock/coming soon? I don’t think it was when I looked the other day

Hmm, I’m pretty sure I was able to add it to cart two days ago.
Tried getting a Hexgears-X1 but that seems to be indefinitely out of stock due to the virus situation.

Unfortunately there do not seem to be a great selection of TKL low profile keyboards. Trying to find one with PBT caps, clicky/Blue, and Home/End buttons.