Morgrie Samuri 65%

Man this thing is wild! In a bad way IMHO…

I wonder if Prevail Key Will even be able to sell the 20 FCFS units before the group buy.


I actually kinda like the look

Really what do you find interesting about it? It looks very bulbous to me, and USB cables coming out of the side “gills” really bothers me. It wouldn’t work well with a coiled cable, etc.

I like the big bulbous shape with the rounded corners. I just looked at the gif so I didn’t realize it has weird cable placement or what the gills thing on the side really was

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wtf is with that keyboard shape?

This looks particularly bad to me; at least the spinning gif.

This keyboard looks so awkward it already feels like someone will accuse me of fatshaming as soon as I speak negatively about this keyboard.


I like it! the fins at the back are nice!

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It should, because it’s just chubby. Some of us prefer chubbies.