Most preferred keyboard tilt (positive/neutral/negative) and angle. What say ye?


  • The results of our study show that positioning the keyboard with a downward slope did not lead to an increase in the muscle activity of the wrist extensors. This could reduce the pain and discomfort that some people experience while typing.
  • The narrow ranges of mean typing speeds (66.1–66.9 wpm) and 100% accuracy for all the keyboard slopes indicate to us that subjects quickly adapted to new keyboard slope angles, even after only 3 minutes of practice.
  • The assessments of ease of use and comfort show that the keyboard with a slope of −15 degrees was rated least comfortable and most difficult to use of all the keyboards tested.

Neat! I read something a while back that suggested the same result and my experience seems to conform; a keyboard sitting nearly in my lap with a slight negative angle is most comfortable for me.

As my keyboards sit a little higher than they ergonomically “should” (elbows at 75/80 degrees rather than 90), flat seems comfiest for now. I know I’m in the minority.

When will keyboard trays be cool again? (and compatible with low mouse sensitivity gaming?)

Edit: whoa this is kinda old haha


It depends on the profile of keycap I am using.

For Cherry profile I prefer a mild typing angle.

For all other keycap profiles (SA, DSA, Cubic, etc.) I prefer a very high angled tilt.

Disclaimer: I have never used a wrist rest, which could change the above easily.