Mr. Breaker

I wrote about The Board Podcast switch breaking machine a few days ago. It looks like a lot of fun and I ordered some parts to tinker around with it.

Then I found the direction Mr. Keebs (@fcoury) is taking this. It is awesome!!! He is going next level with a controller a bigger/better motor auto off after X rounds. I can’t wait to see it when he is fully done.

(I can’t link directly to the video but its on Instagram page under “Switch Breaker”. Its worth a look


Thanks for posting this and also special thanks for The Board Podcast, the mechanical part of the breaker is brilliant!

That was groundbreaking for me in this pursue of a good switch breaker.

I am working on the electronics and will make a proper YouTube video with all the material required and explaining how to assemble the final product.

Meanwhile you can see the progress using this link directly to the stories highlight on Instagram here:

Thanks again!


@fcoury A few people here have confirmed polishing switches with diamond paste and/or toothpaste makes for smooth switches especially scratchy cherry blacks. I am interested in combining this with the breakin machine to see how smooth switches can get. Just sharing the idea as you are way ahead in the automated switch breakin territory.


An updated video from Mr. Keebs on Mr. Breaker. This project includes many of my favorite tinkering things: keyboards, 3d printing, electronics, programming!