Mr. Suit keyboard review!

Link: Owlab Mr. Suit Keyboard Build and Review - A must buy TKL! - YouTube

Hey guys, just launched my channel last month and put up a review for Mr. Suit by Owlabs. Let me know your thoughts on the video. Your feedback will be very helpful!


I’m not sure what I was expecting when I clicked on the YT link, but the production quality on your Mr. Suit review is seriously impressive! Excellent mix of cuts to kill dead air, long shots with technical details, time-lapse for the build, and glam shots for the unboxing.

The only critique I could give is that I thought the music volume on the unboxing felt about 30% louder than it needed to be compared to the voice-over volume and about 50% louder than needed for the build time-lapse.

Bonus points for wearing a suit for the typing test!


Your transitions and lighting were French Kiss . That was an immediate subscribe from me my guy.

I agree with Llama about the music volume, just a touch too loud but it didn’t really bother me.


This is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for. Thank you so much. I will work on the audio levels for sure. Just wanted to hype up the b-rolls, but not alarm my viewers either. Thanks for the kind words!

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My dude!! Thank you very much. I have a review coming up soon for the blade65. Stay tuned.

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As much as I like how high quality the video looks, it still lacks some information that could be useful.

Give dimensions of the board (including the bezels), measure and compare the front height with your other boards. Measure the typing angle from the height of the keys and compare it with other boards as well. Add text to make it easier for those who need that information.

Flex demonstration should be compared with and without foam. Same thing applies to your sound test, it should be with and without foam installed. I think that’s all I have in mind but please take some time giving more details and doing comparisons.

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Great review !

And suscribed :wink:

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Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to incorporate more information. I want to keep my reviews pretty short, but I definitely see the value in your suggestions. Thanks a lot my friend!

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