Multiple Oleds

I was wondering if there is a way to use multiple oleds for one microcontroller?

Sure! Just use the ones that are attached via a serial bus like I2C or SPI and address them individually/pull the right select line.

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Thanks for the response. Also asked on a keeb design discord and they just said use an i2c multiplexer since the mcu i’m using only has one i2c bus.

I don’t know which μC we’re talking about but the only reason why you would need an I²C mux that I can think of would be if the OLED had a fixed address that can’t be changed via pullup or configuration and if there are no different order options for different fixed addresses either.

If you told us the μC and OLED you had in mind, we could have a look at the datasheets. :nerd_face:

Oh and make sure you choose the correct values for your I²C pullups.

Bit new to designing pcbs so I just went with this ATmega μC. If there are better options let me know and i believe this oled doesnt have a fixed address though I have to message the seller for the spec sheet.