MX Compatible Choc Switches

Hey I noticed that has started stocking V2 Choc switches with MX compatible stems:

Does anyone know how they feel compared to regular Choc switches?

How is keycap compatibility with them?


iirc the pinout on these is also supposed to be different from the pinout on the older choc switches, but I don’t know if it’s a pinout that matches other MX switches or not.

This is such an odd call to me in that it kinda blasts out the work folks were doing to make choc-specific keycaps and (ostensibly) the work they were doing to make choc-compatible boards, all to support keycaps that seem likely to slam down into the switch unless they’re already a pretty low profile?

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My understanding is that the new Chocs should work with most all MX keycaps if you go plateless (this is why I think they added a third pin for alignment and stabilization).

If you use a plate then yes a lot of standard keycaps will not clear the plate.