My Atreus62_FT is done!

May I introduce to you my Atreus62_FT <3

It sports one of those nifty controllers. in this case a Pro Micro which I opted to flash with Vial firmware. Man it’s wild being able to simply open up the Vial GUI change a bunch of keys and have them instantly change/apply.

Currently rocking Colemak-DHm with ÅÄÖ as an addition. Still figuring out where I want my modifier-, symbol- and punctuation keys to be positioned and accessed. Got my OS keyboard layout set to a US variant of the Swedish layout. This gives me ANSI/US symbol keys yet ÅÄÖ accessible through AltGr which I access on the Atreus62 by having them set to RAlt+; ‘ [ quantum keys.

Had a go at monkeytype last night rocking amazingly slow 10 words per minute going from 55 WPM on the laptop keeb. On the plus side the angled and staggered column layout is very comfortable. Have never been a true touch typist but this will force me to learn it and start utilizing all fingers, thumbs and all.

There were no publicly available Vial firmware for the Atreus62 to my knowledge and I jumped into it with no QMK experience trying to grasp how to cobble together all of it into a working firmware .hex. Took me a couple of sessions of combining documentation from Vial, QMK, Via, official Vial Discord and also the fine folks of Keebtalk and some of my own intuition.

Lastly I’d like to express gratitude to Jan at who was very alert and open to questions and thoughts via email - had a very good experience interacting with him regarding my purchase.


What a beaut! Well done.

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Wowee that bamboo case looks decent

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Amazing execution!

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Lovely! That bamboo case matches your desk nicely. I’m glad you got the firmware working, I know how that can be a challenge.

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Thanks folks! :slight_smile:

Customized IKEA Ivar :wink:


Don’t know how I feel about this layout but this board is absolutly beautiful.


Wood cases are always special.
And column stagger is IMO the best anyways.

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Unlocked 20 relaxed, non-contortionary words per minute on monkeytype with the Colemak-DHm layout :wink: Weren’t sure just how much difference the column stagger would do feels-wise. Can’t believe it’s not the standard

OT: “ArtCore” as in the Ibanez line of electric bass guitars?


it isn’t standard because many humans like to stay and live in the past instead of going forward :wink: :slightly_frowning_face:

And yes like the bass but not intentional…:slight_smile: I have this nickname out of my teenage time.
Art is actually my real name.

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