My Bests of 2018; Keysets, Switches, and Keyboards


Thanks for the video!

I will give Zealio V2 a try, soon!
I hesitate a bit because a while ago I tried Outemu Sky and realize how I dislike “sharp” bump, well… I’m not sure if Zealio V2’s bump will be as sharp and the thing about the bump is above actuation point turns me off slightly. I do like Zealio V1 though (I use 67g version)

this year, 2019, I think I will grab a GMK set, waiting for Black Lotus :woozy_face:

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Good video! I’m looking forward to getting one of the KAT Alpha extras.

I feel the same way about the bump as you describe here. I like my v1s and I’m a fan of my Mod m, clears and stock Halos.

I wasn’t sure about the v2s at first, but I actually like them a lot once they are lubed. Still not my favorite tactile, but I like them.


I was kinda hesitant on V2 Zealios also because I dislike very sharp tactility as well. The V2s surprised me though, a much bigger bump than V1 while still staying fairly smooth & round feeling! That said I do hope Zeal re-runs the original Zealio molds sometime as I like the V1s a lot too. Or maybe now that he is switched over to V2 let Gateron re-run the tactile clears that used the V1 molds. While I do see V2s as an upgrade over V1s I think the V1s shouldn’t be retired. They still have their place in the switch hierarchy to me.


I vividly recall the Top Clack episode discussing GMK Red Samurai and how you said it was going to be one of those sets people regretted not picking up once it shipped and photos were posted. Sadly I’m one of those people…

Here’s hoping R2 will happen at some point :crossed_fingers:


Hmm I definitely agree that V1s have a place in the world, but it’s probably not the easiest decision for @Zeal to bring them back. He has mentioned he’d consider it depending on interest, but he still needs to meet an MOQ for production to start.

I still think the zealios v1 work really well as a smooth middle tactility switch. I should have horded a batch before V2s came out hehe.

An alternative is of course the classic ergo clear which does well in tactility and weight, but lack the smoothness of a zealio (although has arguably improved acoustics*).

*depending on your ability to lube zealios

And then we have the newcomer to the scene the Arctos switch… I’ll have my review out this week for the switch… No spoilers here :stuck_out_tongue:

There wasn’t ever that many switches that occupied this space due to the popularity of both the classic ergo clear and zealios v1 so it’s definitely a bit sad to see it go (for the time being hopefully :crossed_fingers:).

V2s are definitely an improvement in my eyes and I think if they’re too sharp for people, lubing the slider, leaf, and legs really go a long way to helping shape the sharpness. If anything, I think people would be served well going with 62g v2s and then lubing them if they are wary of ‘overly sharp’ tactility.

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GMK Red Samurai set of the year :slight_smile:

You know what? I just realized how silly it was that I never paired my set of the year with my keyboard of the year. I don’t know if it will even work, but there’s only one way to find out!

Yeah I really hope there is a R2 because I think the set was a bit underdeveloped in the renders which drew a lot of people away compared to many other sets running at/around the time.

I felt wholly justified about this set once I saw this picture:

That’s some A+ work by GMK

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Worst of 2018:

Matias. No PBT keysets, no 60%, the switches that were “fixed” in 2017 are still chattering.

Kaihua. Hung like a horse stems, no refunds to vendors.

Ace Pad Tech. No, not the company - we knew they were crap back in 2017. It’s the customers who keep buying this garbage who are the worst of 2018.

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