My continued quest to dampen Novatouch stabilizers: alternative o-rings


So, the stabilizers on my novatouch were still bothering me, still a little rattly, even after applying the following:

  1. di-electric grease (Permatex 22058)
  2. teflon tape (on the non-spacebar stabs)

For the non-spacebar stabs, I had previously tried standard o-rings (red, black, blue, clear) on the external (far left and right) keycap stems (not the center stem), but they reduced the throw far too much, and were way too mushy.

I finally started hunting down thinner o-rings, and have been using these two now for the last week - so far, I’m liking them. I’m using a mix of them depending on the mod key (alas, I don’t remember which now, I’ll have to pull them off at some point and note which goes with which).

(purchased on Amazon)

While they are both technically 1mm in thickness, one of them has a smaller diameter (which is a little harder to get on the stem) - however (i believe) by stretching it, it’s makes it a bit thinner than the 1mm. The difference between the 4mm & 5mm is definitely noticeable.

Anyway, I thought I’d share. If anyone else tries it, I’d love to hear your opinions.


An HHKB Type-S BT is arriving on my doorstep today - and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to dampen that thing’s rather infamously loud spacebar. Google hasn’t brought me much help, but I figured I’d ask around here and maybe Reddit before i go and do anything to it.


I don’t have a HHKB, so not sure what style stabilizers it has, but on my Novatouch, I opened it up, added a liberal amount of Permatex 22058 Dielectric Grease to where the metal bar winds through the plastic stabilizer, and then my “secret sauce” is putting tiny bits of low density (hence very springy) latex foam underneath the long part of the bar connecting the two stabilizers. I promise to take photos next time I open her up. This worked so well that I don’t find need to fiddle with it further. (i.e. I’ve not tried the tiny o-rings on the spacebar).


The HHKB spacebar issomewhat of a Topre-adapted Cherry stabilizer, and they’re different from other Topre boards. I’m wondering if a lot of dielectric grease on the moving bits of the spacebar would help, and I’ve even wondered about the RAMA method for Cherry stabs (using heatshrink on the wire to dampen the impacts) would have any major effect. Granted, I can only test that when I have heatshrink and a spare stab wire or two.