My hand wired keyboard, and hello!

I’ve posted a picture of the outside in the Post Your Keyboard thread, but here are the guts in case anyone is interested:

Parts used:
-Aukey KM-G11 (The plate, stabilizers, and case)
-Teensy 2.0
-Scavenged Mini-B end of an old USB cable
-Scavenged female end of USB-C extension
-Dismantled ethernet cable, and some breadboard jumper wires
-16awg magnet wire
-Novelkeys x Kailh Speed Navy Thick Clicks
-PBT DSA “Dolch-Style” keycaps
-F10 Flat keycaps for arrows

Started out with a basic firmware from where I mapped out my matrix. Spent a couple days getting that firmware ported to VIA and then Vial. Looking forward to getting some custom plates cut for future builds but this was a nice fun project to ease into the process.



Hello and welcome.

Thank you for sharing your project, I think it turned out great.

Have a great weekend.

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What a cool project! Even when it’s hidden, I really appreciate well-done wire routing like that.


Thank you!

Thank you! Part of what drew me to the hand wired approach was my appreciation for wire sculpture and “free form” circuits. I’ve seen some other builds out there that have acrylic cases, or caseless, and I’m looking forward to doing something like that next time around so I can gawk at all the circuitry when I’m not using it!