My IBM keyboard part number database hits 2,000+ part numbers!

Today has been a big day for me since my website’s keyboard database has hit 2,000+ recorded part numbers! Now two years in the making, this database originally started out as a technical challenge for myself (just like my website in general) but it eventually evolved into a serious data conglomerate and archival project for IBM (and Lexmark, Unicomp, etc.) keyboards.

Now, it’s being used to help people research, ID keyboards, and avoid being tricked by mispresented keyboards online. Sitting at 2,144 part numbers at the time of writing, the database is likely the largest public-facing effort of this kind to date. It includes many Model F, Model M and ThinkPad/UltraNav keyboards, as well as a strong Model B (beam spring) keyboard coverage as well.

Anyway, I made some infographics for my website that I’d thought I’d share to give y’all a taster of what this project is all about.



An absolutely amazing database and resource! Congrats on hitting 2k+ part numbers :slight_smile:


Thank you! :heart:

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Crazy! So many numbers! Congrats on the monumental feat of documenting all so many part numbers. Keep up the hard work Shark! :wink:

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Thanks, will do!