My keyboard case has a sizeable bump

So I think I inflated the case a little bit from putting a thick EVA foam inside and screwed the pcb+plate tight and made a bulge under it, making it slide more easier on my desk, What can I do as a remedy for this? My keyboard’s case is plastic, Redragon Draconic k530

You can add rubber feet that are taller. They will grip the desk.

Or reduce the amount of foam in your keyboard.

I removed the foam in my case, but the bulge is still there

Once plastic is deformed it is very tricky to try and fix it. You can heat it up (very carefully) with a blow dryer or similar and put a weight on it to try and flatten it out.

But I would not recommend it, you are more likely too make things worse. Just put some big, rubber feet on the back.

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