My Kingdom for an Orange Realforce R1 Spacebar ... [US-CA] [H] GMK First Love, GMK 9009, Norbaforce GoCF Mk II, Norbaforce Tactical, Keyforge Artisans, PayPal, Etc [W] Realforce R1 Orange Keycaps (whole set or 6u spacebar)

Found my endgame (FC980C 30g domes in a Norbauer Veracity Steel). Need Orange Realforce R1 keycaps to complete it.

Looking for the Realforce R1 Orange DyeSub Keycap set. Specifically, model # XF0100KT5 with the 6u spacebar and 1.5u and 1u mods.

Alternately, just the 6u spacebar from either XF0100KT5 or the blank orange XF0100KT5N set works. (I have the R2 US and R2 JP sets to cover everything else besides the spacebar)

Willing to trade almost anything else I have or Paypal to get the orange R1 keycaps.


  • norbauer Ghost of Christmas Future Mark II w/ 87u breakout (willing to do with or without including the actual 87u keyboard)
  • Norbaforce Mark I Tactical Black (willing to do with or without including the actual 87u keyboard)
  • GMK 9009 R3 Factory Sealed Base + Modern Kits
  • GMK First Love Factory Sealed Base Kit
  • 8 different Keyforge artisans
  • stock FC980C controller
  • hasu USB-USB controller
  • GMK Oblivion Rama Git Artisan
  • GMK Vaporwave Rama Artisan
  • GMK Carbon Lambdas
  • GMK Pono Novelty Kit
  • GMK Pono Rama Grey Kitty
  • GMK Pono Rama Rose Gold Kitty
  • Realforce R2 RGB stock domes

i respect this Topre journey and wish u the best in orange r1 search

also that fc980 pcb dm incoming :flushed:


sorry, I meant stock FC980C “controller”, not PCB, didn’t mean to get your hopes up (I replaced my FC980C with a hasu, as you already deduced, I imagine)

no worries! thx for clarifying :smiley:

Color is not very close, and it’s curved like a banana, but at least the profile is right on this kbdfans set I picked up from

Still on the hunt for the OG Realforce R1 Orange!


I hope you’re able to find this! I tried to do some searching but could not pull up any hits for the sets you’re looking for… It might be possible to commission a keycap to be manufactured for you, I have heard good things about signature plastics (link). Might be worth a shot, but probably expensive.

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Thanks! I haven’t heard of SP making Topre stem, but it might be worth asking them. I poked around a little and found this mount style doc on their site. I had no idea they made ML, KT or GZ mount!

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FWIW, I would be ecstatic to buy a new FC980C and trade the PCB (or the whole keyboard!) for the R1 caps!

TIL SP does Key Tronic mount keycaps.

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