My newly restored IBM Model F XT with 3D printed feet

Hey guys! Today I just finished restoring this awesome F XT that a kind DT user name Snacksthecat gave to me free of charge. It was quite the journey restoring it.

The feet are 3D printed. Original ones were broken.

To see how I restored it, please check out this album :grinning::

This keyboard is super awesome and I love the feel of it. If it wasn’t for these awesome folks who made this possible, I wouldn’t have been able to get this keyboard.
What do you think?


Saw this on Deskthority, great job! Any plans to make the 3D files for the feet publicly available?

Also I’m totally not jealous that you got this for free when I can’t even find a reasonable one for sale/trade!

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Nice job! I love the playful vibe that’s added with the badge and feet.

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Thanks! Yes, I was very lucky with this.

This is the file. Keep in mind that these are NOT perfect fits and they will wobble around a bit. But they are fine. Konstantin said that he can redesign the files for me so that they will fit perfectly. I will post those files when he makes them public.

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That’s awesome! I actually like the dual color feet. Luckily, mine weren’t broken, so I didn’t need replacement, but it’s good to know that there’s an alternative out there as I’ve heard that it’s a common issue that the feet or the tabs for moving them are broken.


Neat! I saw this over on DT as well. Was curious, what sort of fill ratio did you or Konstantin use for the feet? These boards are quite heavy and I’m worried about those feet just snapping right off. The ears seem especially flimsy.

Welcome to the world of the Model F. :smiley:

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Thank you! You should ask him about it. I don’t know.
They are doing just fine. They seem strong to me.

@XMIT I would think anything above 50% would be fine unless you have a fine nozzle on your printer. The one I work with at work, at a 50% fill those tabs would be essentially 100% fill. That’s a function of nozzle and path width though.

The other good thing about 3D printing them is that if they break, you can just have them printed again.

Any chance to find a 3d print file of the key caps

I’m not sure about a file to for 3D printing caps, but you can get decent replacement caps for Model Ms at Unicomp. I believe they will work with the Model F as well, but not 100% sure on that.

The main 1u caps work fine from Unicomp. My F has homing bars now on F and J thanks to Unicomp. The other, nonstandard keys will likely not work on a model F.

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This layout is spectacular

How do i program the converter to have windows key and F11on my model F i have soares