My plate doesnt fit over my stabilizers (bended)

Hello everyone,

I bought my first custom keyboard today and decided to start from scratch. The thing is that I went through an issue when adding the plate on top of my stabilizers, it seems that either the plate is not compatible either i’m doing something wrong.

Could you guys please help me to solve my issue ? Whenever i add my switches on top of the plate, it ends up bended.

Here is my build :

pcb and plate : Tofu65 2.0 Hot swap pcb and polycarbonate plate

stabilizers : staebies 2.1

switches : Gateron Oil King Switch

Pictures describing my issue : Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Sorry if it’s a dumb question but i really need your help !

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What I’m seeing are switches that are not properly mounted to the plate. I recommend using something like a plate fork to ensure proper space between the pcb and plate.


Yep, looks like your plate isn’t properly situated. While a plate fork is what I’d recommend too, you could also brute force it for the time being. You’ll definitely have to remove the switches first and start from the beginning again though. After you do, tho… (roughly):

  1. Line up the plate ontop of the PCB
  2. Grab some switches and put them snugly into hotswap sockets, preferably near the 4 corners + some in the middle of the PCB to start (to act as posts to help prop the plate up, which you do in the next step ->)
  3. With switches situated, grab the plate around it and pull it up (while holding the switch down), making sure it’s snug around the switch and thus, being held up by the switch
  4. Keep adding switches and pulling up on the plate around around it, ensuring the plate is being held up

This is how I’d do it, at least :slight_smile: