My road map / Quest for the endgame

(I apologize for typing and gramma)

I’m pretty new to this site, but I like this type of forum over reddit and geekhack tho I still browse’em.

I created this tread cuz I want/need some help, guidens and feedback.
It would probably be a pretty easy thing if it wasn’t for one thing, ISO! Nordic ISO to be exact (SE/swe)! :grimacing:
And a lot of money ofc.

Background :
I’m a semi-hardcore gamer/nerd-of-all-traits, part time dad and a sailor spending half of my time out on the sea. Besides computer hardware and equipment a big interest is home decorating in teak&retro.

(work in progress)

The dreemkeeb:
As of now I’m dreaming of a retro looking 65% keyboard with 5 extra keys to the left for the use of esc and F1-F4. It would also have hot-swap, smd RGB and defused under/sideglow, high profile, a split design like the Dygma Raiser and ofc ISO layout.

Now I understand that’s quite the list and I’m willing to compromise. :grin:
The biggest issue I see is the PCB and top-plate.

Another thing is that I already put down a order for the SA Goodspeed so it need to go well with that.

Now cuz the main use of this keyboard will be gaming I’m leaning towards Kailh Speed.
Right now I’m thinking linier(but tactile is a possibility) with a spring like the Thic Thock DL series springs V2 58.5g, lubed and filmed.
Are there any premium/well renowned speed switches/frankenswitches out there?

Because my current keyboard is the GMMK TKL this is something I can start with right away to see what I like and so eliminate the need for hot-swap on the “endgame”.

I’m pretty handy/skilled tho not so experienced I’m pretty confident I would be able to mill a case if given the right tools and machines. Same goes for soldering, never done it before but I have done welding/soldering steel/copper pipes with TIG and gas.

But I do have access to a Crieleti Ender-3 3d-printer and a “old-school” soldering iron. :yum:

A “mid-game” solution would be to use my GMMK and put the pcb and top case/plate in a 3d printed high profile retro looking cace or buying the Dygma Raiser and do something similar.

Side quest:
As a gamer the mouse is as important. And as a gift from the God’s(Santa? :roll_eyes:) Xtrfy released the M4 Retro in the end of last year. And it was love at first sight and on top of that my acc increased with 10% when shafting in Quake Live.
The dilemma here is that I already invested in the G Pro Wireless and Powerplay.
So the plan here is to get/trade a G703 Hero and put the M4 Retro case on top.
In the process I want to replace the switches with Kailh ones and paint the red side buttons to the same orange as the Ares keycaps.

What do you guys think about all of this? Is it doable or should I stop dreaming? :thinking::smirk:

There’s a really good speed switch on the market right now - Gateron Ink Yellows! You should give those a try, and see how much you want to mod them.


I don’t know why it’s so hard to find info on the actuation point for the Gateron Ink Yellows. Do you know what it is ?

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I don’t know for sure, but it’s between 1.5 and 1.1mm.


Ye OK. Guess I will try em out. Not to found of that yellow housing, but if the turns out to be the ones I guess I’ll get some ink black or reds and use for the top housing. :thinking:

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Hey, I just got some TTC Golds in the mail. I feel you there.

The Quefrency rev.2 is going to support ISO and is a split 65% with left macro column (10 keys, not 5 tho) also no hotswap …

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Wow, hotswap is one thing I won’t cry about to much.

Will definitely look up that board. :+1:

Couldn’t you just get MillMax sockets for the Quefrency and call it hot swap?

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Yeah, and if not. I will still get this. I’m just happy that I got info about this board and not after a ended group buy. :slight_smile: Exept from the hotswap and high profile(?) it completely checked all my boxes.

The good news about bakingpy’s stuff is that he’s always ready to support people’s works for his boards - so it won’t be hard to find stuff to add on to your board in the future! If you’re okay with stacked acrylic, Qlavier’s boards are a favorite.

Sounds good, only downside seems to be that it will be low profile.

Anywho, the “only” place I find gat ink yellow is bang good. What are the odds on getting v1 instead of v2 or something worse or are they as good as any place to buy. I will have to pay shipping and custum taxes from all of the mechstores.

If you’re not in any particular rush, NovelKeys expects to restock Ink V2s some time this month. See the update page.

If you’re especially patient, Project Keyboard is supposed to be working on a POM 65% with extra left-hand column called Valkyrie. Here’s a render. You can message onefiftynine on here too.

There’s also the Ion Keyboards Jubi. Not quite what you asked for, but at 60% with two left-hand columns might also interest you.

I don’t think that will support ISO?

Ah you’re right - I missed that in the OP.

Thx guys. But right now I got my heart set on the Quefrency Rev.2.

But I kind of want to build another one to. =)

I’d like to have arrow keys in the bottom right corner. Now it doesn’t show support for it but when I look at it I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

I’d be using
DZ60 RGB PCB - Kebo.Store
together if so.

Alright, so things have already gone out of hand. :joy:

It kinds of origins in keycaps so now my plan is to make 3 of them.

First out is a 60%“budget” build (all parts are in the mail) we’re I’m gonna use my DSA “classic retro” caps.
Would love to have a 1984 in grey by keyboardbelle for this, but gonna go with a cheap plastic one for starters.

Second of will be the “endgame” I started this tread for.
Here I have ordered the Kam Wraith keycaps, ETA this summer. By then the Quefrency Rev.2 is hopefully out on the market and I think they will be a good match.

That leaves me with the SA Goodspeed (Ares mods) I ordered. And here comes a bit of remorse in to play. I ordered it before I tried the DSA profile that I really like.
But I haven’t really tried out SA yet and the looks of it together with the hassle of canceling the order makes me wanna keep it.

So my question for you is, do u know any 75%, TKL or 65%+ case that would go well with the SA Goodspeed(Ares mods)?
Cyberboard is an option if the drop date, price and foundings align.

And do you know of any 3d schematics for a case like the 1984 or something with a retro feeling?

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