My Thoughts on the Novelkeys' Cream Switch

CA66 with stock Creams:
TGR Alice wth lubed Creams:


The friction explanation made a ton of sense. Actually one of the better illustrations I’ve seen in talking about switches. Thanks for the review, man!


best sweater yet.

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thanks! it is exaggerated but hopefully it helps some people. But like I mentioned in the review, during actual usage of the board it is almost a non-factor and shouldn’t be an issue for most people.

haha it is definitely one of my favorite sweaters :smiley:

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this was a great review

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Enjoyable and professional review. No hype, and enough personality / humor to avoid being dry. Keep grinding.


Nice review. Certainly a good candidate for franken switch mods. Good (only?) source for pom housings ?

Have you tried mx clear or zealio stems to make it tactile ?

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There has been an all POM switch made before this but they are extremely hard to find nowadays. Panda switches have a POM top, but nylon bottom. So if you are looking for a POM bottom, these are your only choice.

I have not personally made any frankenstein switches with these