My unoriginal shirt: Anti Keyboard Keyboard Club T-Shirt

Hi friends,

This is an IC for the shirt below.

The bad idea is from me.
The shirt design/render is from @Sour.

Are you interested? Let me know. Debating between just buying a small batch and selling them, or taking preorders and the such.

maybe I’ll do other colors in the future.




That’s pretty hot


I’m still waiting for a Keebtalk t-shirt!


They had them at the Bay Area meetup last fall, it would be rad to be able to get them again.


I’ll second the waiting on a Keebtalk shirt also, but as for the AKKC shirt count me in for one for sure!

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why not pink

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I’ll see what I can do :thinking:

Pink shirt or pink text?

shirt. :slight_smile:

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Why don't we have both

I like this…

Would love to have this on the back and have the keebtalk logo on the front (upper left).

Also would like to see this in a cream shirt

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I’m afraid I don’t get the reference. :sweat_smile:


Yes please. This or then just “Anti social keyboard club”

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I don’t think I would wear a shirt in public that said “anti social keyboard club”

It’s a clothing brand


I’d definitely recommend doing preorders as opposed to buying stock. You’ll never guess sizes and quantities correctly and you’ll either run out of certain sizes people want and/or get stuck with a bunch in sizes people don’t want.


I still don’t get it :sweat_smile:
But hey, it has the word keyboard on it so…

Hmm, well few things. My reply was in MB’s not understanding where the reference came from, so that design is where the idea comes from.

I’m not a fan of the brand or anything myself, but it seems to follow the same philosophy as the hobby we’re all enthusiasts of. They have limited runs of their products, as we do with keyboards and keysets. The founder has worked with many, very big street wear brands, so kind of like artisans collaborating with keyset designers.

Otherwise, it’s an interesting text design imho, not something seen too commonly, text distorted this way. It’s kind of fun, kind of ironic, and like you said, relates to our community also :slight_smile:

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