Need help finding a 65% wooden case

Starting my first ever custom keeb build and was wondering if there were any 65% wooden cases out there because I could only find 60%s.

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I haven’t seen any. 65% isn’t really standardized like 60% is where you can just get like any case and PCB and they will work together


This guy makes them to order:

I have 2 of them. The first one was beautiful. The second one wasn’t as pretty on the inside (not that you’ll ever see that).

Here’s my case from him in maple:

Here’s my case in hickory:

They have holes for using screw in aluminum feet, but I use them flat.


That’s awesome! Thanks.

In addition to those Datamancer used to make them for the Whitefox, but it has been discontinued.

I used one of his cases for my Scrabble board. The only issue with mine was that the texture was much rougher than I had expected and I ended up having to sand it down myself.


Yes, I had a few spots that needed sanding on my hickory board. I was surprised because the first board I bought from him was flawless and smooth as silk. What wood is that scrabble board?

that photo is awesome, by the way

Thanks. Mine is also hickory.

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Ah. So maybe it’s somethign to do with that particular wood. Interesting.

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