Need help finding a PCB

I want to build my first custom mechanical keyboard. I somewhat know what I want, but I am struggling to find the right parts. I need a 75% hot-swappable ISO PCB. This is the part I have been having the most trouble finding. Does anyone know where I could find something like that?

No such beast exists. ISO hotswap is very limited. You could pay someone to solder hotswap sockets on a non-hotswap ISO 75% board.


Outside of a GB I don’t know of any hotswap, ISO 75% pcbs. It’s very possible to find someone regional to you to solder some millmax sockets onto something like a kbd75 (or similar) to turn it into a hotswap.
Millmax sockets are an aftemarket way to turn a solderable pcb into a hotswap pcb.

U just missed out.


Do you know anything about price on that type of work?