Need help with keycaps dimensions

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I am new here and was looking for someone who can help me with the question that I have. I am working on a small project and I need dimensions for keybord keycaps for it. I found this post (picture bellow) and the dimensions are labeled very good , but with one issue, what is the side angel ? Maybe some one here knows or can provide me with better link ?

Thanks in advance

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If you mean the height of each keycap, that varies considerably depending on the profile and in many cases, the row of the keyboard (if it’s a sculpted keycap profile). This Keyboard University page is a good place to start to learn the terminology and will allow you to compare the various keycap profiles to narrow down what you’re looking to do.

I think I might explained poorly what I am looking for. For example in the picture that I provided the dimensions of the OEM / Cherry keycaps are measured to in term of height on both side (as they are sculpted) and the base is measured (which is I believe always the same no meter the profile). But in order to model them correctly I would need to to the angle of the side profiles. And I cant find that info anywhere.

Thanks for clarifying. I thought you were looking for height (the image you uploaded is barely visible on dark mode and I didn’t see some of the details; opened it in a new tab just now).

I’ve just spent 20 minutes googling and I can’t find any schematics covering all of the angles/slope on the profiles you’re after. Found one for R3 in this reddit thread from 2016, but not sure how helpful or accurate this is:

If you’re looking to model Cherry profile keycaps, some may already exist. I found these:

And here’s models for OEM:

Yeah found this one too, but its only R3, which is sad as its very good. R1 R2 and R4 are an issue.

Looks promising, will try to work with it, thanks a lot

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Hiney has a Github containing Cherry profile keycaps 3d models for r1 to r4 rows (no r0 and no r5):

If you dig in it’s Github you may also find the same thing for the SA keycap profile.