Need help

Hello , I have bought a feker ik75 v3 a while ago .and I have the problem that my f3 key is sending the signal of the ctrl key and my f2 key is sending no signal . I tried to update the software but I get same version (1.2.54)that said that there is a newer version that I can’t find . So , can someone help me .

In these types of situations, it is really nice to have a photo of the PCB. I would suggest getting that and uploading. A photo of the whole PCB, and then one of the area that is being effected.

This too me sounds like a possible short or an issue with the PCB. When you take the PCB out of the case, does the same issue occur? You could use a switch in the hotswap sockets to activate the keystroke with the PCB out of the case while plugged in.

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