Never used a mechanical switch - still here


I am Gnibur from Norway. I haven´t actually tried a mechanical switch, After lurking around on r/mk and Geekhack , reading and reading about what switch to get. When I couldn´t decide I got a Topre instead. I got my first keyboard, a Novatouch ISO a year ago and now a year later I have two of them and are waiting for dev/tty keycaps and thinking of building a numpad. But there comes the problem of choosing switches again. Maybe it will become a Topre numpad instead :slight_smile:

I would recommend looking into the clicky kailh box switches. I have the lowprofile version, and I love typing on the switch since it feels mostly like a linear switch with a very sharp click on the actuation point. I think it gives me faster speed and accuracy over my brown switches.

HOWEVER, I really don’t know if it would be smart to pair this switch up with topre. I feel like the contrasting sounds/feel between the two might enhance each other, OR just make the clicky switches feel awful. It terms of feels and even sound I prefer the MX Browns that I have, but I liked the clickbar switches so much that I’ve been using them for the past 10months and haven’t touched my other keyboard at all.

It doesn’t seem right, does it? I clearly think that the Browns are better, yet I’ve chosen the other switch. I managed to grab the Clickbar keyboard on a promo for a hefty $6 pricetag, so it has nothing to do with price or value… I prefer the layout on my MX Brown keyboard…

The good thing about building a numpad is that you would only be buying 20 switches so you’d only be paying like $10 per set and desoldiering/soldiering isn’t as painful as doing it on a full keyboard, so it might be worth looking into the Kailh Box Navy/Jade/White/PaleBlues for a clickbar switch.

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How about BOX Royals?

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