New as of recent, and wanted to introduce myself

I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Nick (everyone knows me as blackriver online). I have been posting on here over the last week or so but figured I should post a formal introduction. I have been building keyboards since early 2016 and have been into mechanical keyboards since 2011. I initially got into it when browsing the internet for a new keyboard after my blackwidow died back in 2015, once I found geekhack, I was hooked. Outside of keyboards I obviously love building computers, listening to music (a bit of an auidophile) and pretty much all things art related. I figured I would mention a few of my favorite (relevant / unrelevant) things below:

Favorite Switch: Boba U4 or if Im feeling fancy, Yok Holy Pandas
Favorite Layout: HHKB / 60%
Favorite Off the Shelf Keyboard: HHKB Pro 2, Still my favorite to date
Favorite Custom: MTB Keys HB60
Favorite Mouse: Steelseries Prime Wireless
Favorite Headphones: Hifiman Arya / Sennheiser 58X
Favorite Color: Purple