New GMK set from Novelkeys - Modern Materials

New set for preorder at Novelkeys. Playing off of the success of their PBT sets like “stone” and “sand” is a minimal themed GMK set with two options: concrete or stone

I like them both. Interestingly, the stone set looks quite similar in spirit to GMK Sandstorm (a set that has had big demand for reruns). However, this take is slightly less saturated and leaning more towards a “nude” colorway. I have a feeling it will be extremely versatile. The only issue I see here is the low contrast of the while lettering on the light caps. It’s usually less of an issue IRL.

As usual, I’ll skip the preorder and await extras. I’m okay with not getting the preorder price. I get more satisfaction from the instant gratification of “in-stock” purchases that arrive shortly after buying. It’s easier for me to keep track of what I’m spending when it’s fresh on the brain, and not money I spent 1/2 a year ago.

The designer of the set is Matthew Encina. I don’t know much about him, but he is a designer with a few noteworthy projects under his belt. Google will point you to his bio and his blog.

Anyways, you all probably already saw this in an email from Novelkeys, but I thought I would mention it here and see what everyone has to say about it.


This is the move right here


Seen these sets earlier through the email, I agree with your take of them being pretty versatile. Wish they were a little cheaper as we’ve been getting spoiled by the $99 base sets, but I’m assuming that’s cause they are custom colors. Might grab the stone variant, but like you will wait for extras to hit NK’s site.

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I really liked the accents and still do. If I get a set, also definitely after they’re in-stock.

I know Matthew Encina from his YouTube channel. Definitely some good watches on there! Lots of aesthetic office/workspace videos, etc. IIRC, he got into the keeb scene within the last year or two, caught me by surprise but made a lot of sense given his content.

Definitely love the color choices he went with with these sets.