New HHKB Models!


Very cool. Can’t make out a thing but USB-C but that’s all that was holding me back from picking up an HHKB.

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  • Three new models: HYBRID Type-S, HYBRID and Classic.
  • All models use USB Type-C.
  • HYBRID Type-S and HYBRID models support both USB connection and Bluetooth connection. (Hence the name?)
  • HYBRID Type-S and HYBRID models can be paired with up to 4 devices via Bluetooth at the same time.
  • HYBRID Type-S and HYBRID models are (almost) fully programmable. The software is Windows only, but the customized key map can be saved to the keyboard itself and used on all other devices.

I wonder how the Type-S will sell. They all look pretty good!

Thank you for the heads up!

For me it will be the HHKB Professional HYBRID.

The programmability is long wanted! I may be saving up for one of these soon… If they’re not priced beyond a reasonable number. Who’s ready for $400 stock Topre?

The bottom right hand side of the boards look nakey to me.

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wait so…

Classic: Mostly what we know and love

  • USB-C port (yay)
  • Removed USB Hub (not the biggest lost, but a loss for some)

Hybrid: *Basically the HHKB BT, but better

  • A HHKB BT but now can pair with 4 devices instead of 1
  • Programmable (hopefully the program well)

Hybrid Type-S: It’s just the Hybrid with silencing sliders.

Am I missing anything?

Initial Thoughts:

Hmmm. Will they discontinue the normal type-S? Will this new paradigm mean the only way to have a HHKB with silencing will be the hybrid type-S? No Classic Type S avail?

With the classic, basically all programmability is lost. I assume they’ve redone the internals and there won’t be a daughterboard like the old one anymore. This means no Hasu controllers (plus, port wouldn’t fit). Until we see some internals, I wonder if a future hasu controller would even be possible since I’m sure some people would prefer to program their HHKBs with TMK/QMK instead of whatever proprietary system is going to be happening here.


and the dream of a VIA HHKB was dead

Why in the world would they not add the programmability to the classic? Adding USB Type-C (welcome for sure) & removing the USB hub puts the classic in a weird undesirable position IMHO. All they had to do was add the programming & I’d be all over the classic , the Hybrid models do not interest me to much at all cause I don’t have a need to connect to multiple BT devices. :thinking:

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I wonder if the build quality is better on the new models.


It’s probably internally exactly the same legacy hardware as before, while the Bluetooth ones have something new that supports the programming feature.

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Darn, I hope they don’t discontinue the hhkb anytime soon! I need to cop one for the Norbauer case :o

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If that’s the case hopefully the Hasu controller will still be useable for getting programmability on to it.

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me too :joy:

A video for you guys : HHKBユーザーミートアップ vol.3に行ってみた (HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S/HYBRID/Classic) | HHKB Users Meetup - YouTube

I hope so

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Looks like how VIA looks lol



To be honest, these are the biggest improvements in my opinion.
Image source: PFUの「Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional」がUSB Type-CとBluetooth両対応に進化、シンプルな有線モデルも用意:HHKBがラインアップを一新(1/2 ページ) - ITmedia PC USER