New HIBI keyboard HIBIKI

HIBI’s new 65% went live recently in four colours. Can’t decide between white (snow boy) or purple.

Keen to support kate and wilbur who did the pcb.


I’m a big fan of that brown. Wish the price wasn’t so high :neutral_face:


Between those two I’d go purple. I usually like to go for the more unique color options but that’s just my personal preference.

I think that’s what Alextos will be building later this/next week. Not sure I have n e sets that would look good with it brown though.
Pricier side but i think that’s what you get these days with smaller runs!

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yeh, leaning towards the purple. the ano pics look quite nice and even something simple like bleached could look really classy

Probably depends on which keyset you’re planning to pair the keyboard with?

I’m personally not a big fan of the white.

Be wary of the pictures though - if you’re looking at the purple, they’re a tad different. Not sure which one would be representative of reality. For example, the one with GMK Amethyst has a deeper/richer purple than the JTK Night Sakura.

I wish they had a small in-stock sale to get the ball rolling; that 9 month wait is rough when something like the Brutal 65% is instock and a little cheaper.

I just found a pink dolice otherwise i would probably get one of these. I really like the clear base. Very curious to see how it sounds.

OOh that’s cool.
They posted a typing/sound vid the other day to their YT. It sounds pretty damn good!!

oh yeah that sounds good.

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Oooh they’ve posted a few more typing vids - even with unlubed switches it sounds nice!!

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