New Keeb Modding Section @ PEXON PCs

Hi guys!

We are now live with our new keyboard modding section on our site:-

This is the first in a new range of ever expanding parts for DIY, we will be adding to this section often. First off, we have gold plated and stainless steel springs for MX, ALPS and Box switches, gold plated and OG Cherry Stabs, wires and Kailh Click bars.

There is a large range of spring weights available, for all switch varities, including the god like 72g (try it in smooth linears)!

All pre-orders will ship early October and will ship free to the UK, if you order other hand made items, such as cables, the springs will ship before the cable is made, so no waiting around and no extra postage costs.

We will also look at adding DIY Cable kits to accompany the MDPC-X DIY range for PC cables. Let me know what you’d like to see!

Thanks for looking!

<3 James/pex


That’s a crazy impressive range of spring weights! Looks great.

@Combonaut Thanks so much! There are sooooo many options yea!

Looks great! Congrats on the new site, @pexon! I’m bookmarking your website for whenever I need parts for modding my boards. Best of luck!

Great to have a reliable source for all ma parts in the UK! Can’t recommend Pexon enough.

That’s awesome, @pexon. I don’t often use MX switches, but when I do, I prefer them lubed and spring swapped. :blush:

Can you explain what the different “editions” on the springs mean? For example, what is the “Shinken 真剣 ダナ Edition”? Apologies for my MX ignorance. I’m trying to get back into that world, but back in my pre-Topre days there was nothing like the options that are available now.

As far as i know the differences are the compression characteristics/force curve.

“S” (Shinken, or supreme or whatever Sprit is calling them) are mostly linear with a slightly heavier bottom (when compared to Sprit’s old ones)

The “P” are progressive meaning lighter at the top getting gradually heavier toward the bottom

I might be talking rubbish though, someone feel free to correct me.

I would also add that S springs generally feel lighter than their older version counterparts. As in, rather than making the bottom heavier, they made the top lighter.

If you liked older 62g SPRiT springs, I would recommend trying out 65 S, etc. Generally at least a weight up.

Or maybe dont’t support SPiT at all?

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Why? What’s your issue with them?