New Kid on the Block

Hello, name’s Rallen. I recently got into mechanical keyboards from the godsend, TaehaTypes. As soon as I heard what Holy Pandas sounded like, I was never satisfied with another keyboard again, and now that Drop started selling Holy Pandas that aren’t bank-breaking, I’m really getting into the scene

I’m mostly familiar with how trades and buying/selling goes, but not on forums. If anyone could help me find some guidelines on etiquette, that would be greatly appreciated.

I just copped a GK64 with some Holy Pandas and I’m looking for a keyset that’s kind of funny looking, tbh. I was just a day late on finding out that BIIP and Cool Kids came out with a collab. SO CLOSE. If anyone knows anyone selling it secondhand, please let me know :slight_smile:


  • I’m a fixed gear enthusiast, I’ve been cycling since high school, I’m currently riding on a 2006 Fuji Track Classic with some Miche here and there, and Campy Shamals that I built. No brakes because they’re heavy :wink:
  • Currently grinding on League and Tekken, please hmu for practice buddies
  • Musician, (guitar, piano, voice, percussion) and a bit of a Jacob Collier fan
  • Needing friends in the DMV area so I can not be inside during my 20s

Thank you to @badnewsblair for the introduction format


Welcome! I’ve also been riding fixed since high school, started in 10th grade and haven’t looked back since, although I do run a brake, disc ftw. We have a bike thread on here, you should throw a pic up!

Unfortunately, I did look back for about a year and built a carbon Wilier but, downhills didn’t feel the same so, I went back haha and thanks! I’ll check it out rn.

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dang that’s big commitment haha, I do still have a touring bike too for when I need to like haul a ton of shit or touring.