New Materials, New Sizes, New Section...LaserBoost ♥ Mechanical Keyboards

LaserBoost here again! Really impressed by mechanical keyboards, we are now on instagram and wow…mechanical keyboards are so trendy!

We are working so hard to make our website more accessible and easy to use adding more guides, info and also new materials.

We have some great news, and maybe this will be interesting for the keyboard community:


We have been updated our material list! Now all you have BRASS available :smiling_face: In natural (cool old looking), shiny (shines like gold) and brushed finish (smooth and manually brushed). Thickness: 1.5mm (we have some new materials coming …)


At first, we fix the maximum cut area to 350 x 350mm, but it seems too small for some badass keyboards…now you can upload parts up to 1000 x 1000mm.


LaserBoost now have a fully web section dedicated to custom Mechanical Keyboards plates! You can find some indications and advices about your files, see all material and finishes, a gallery with real keyboard plates forged by our lasers and some other good stuff. Stay tuned, this is just tip of the iceberg.


In our facilities, hundreds of works from different customers are getting produced at the same time by our stuff. Now we have a fully “express production” workflow dedicated to mechanical plates. We mark as “red alert” to all production orders coming from our online website. Our timeframes goes from 8h (normal keyboards plates) to 48h (the most tricky ones).

Hope you like it :wink:

Enjoy Friday!


Can you use the galvanized steel for keyboards although it’s magnetic?

We don’t actually mount the keys on the keyboards, but some users order carbon steel & galvanized steel for his plates from our website. Maybe some user can tell us a little bit more. Is anybody out there?

Really cool, guys.

Nice website updates. Your site was already the best and easiest experience when I bought my plate a few months ago and it looks like you’ve not rested on your laurels.

Really digging the website, especially the materials page :slight_smile:

How soft is the copper plate, by the way? Anyone tried one?

That’s really cool, good work guys :slight_smile: I look forward to ordering something from you at some point, especially since you’re EU.

By the way, you might want to fix this :slight_smile:

Wow! Fixed :slight_smile: .

Thank you!

Hello, We use the B101 (or F25) copper, which is cataloged like “medium hard”. Pic here (Brushed copper + Brushed Stainless Steel):