New member, long time enthusiast

Good evening everyone! I was made aware of this awesome community from Top Clack. I have been involved in the Mechanical Keyboard Reddit for a while as well as the UTMK Discord. Happy to be here and looking forward to getting to know everyone here! Here is my current lineup:

AnnePro with Gat Blues
GMMK TKL with Kailh Speed Bronzes
Helix Rev2 with Cherrios
Nyquist Rev2 with Kailh Pro Purples
Planck Rev5 with lubed Vintage Cherry Blacks

Cheers :beer:


Welcome here! Nice board lineup you got. Which one do you use the most?

I’ve been using the Planck the most right now but I have started using the Helix at work and the Nyquist at home so those two are becoming my regulars. Cheers!

How do you like the Cherrios, compared to just regular Zealios? I just made a single Cherrio last night, and am having a hard time deciding exactly what is different, and if I should do 60 more for a whole board or not

I have not used Zelios before but I am really loving the Cherrios!

Planck Rev5

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Nyquist Rev2

Helix Rev2