New Product line - ONEofZERO Premium Deskpads

Hi everyone!

We are super stoked to share with you guys our first round of premium deskpads! This has been a long time in the making from hunting down the best factory to designing the deskpads with the help of a local graphic designer and artist and to finally navigating through all of the logistical delays that are ever so present these days.

Anyhow, we hope that you will at least check out the line and maybe even share some insight and feedback so that we can continue to evolve and move the product line forward!

We are a Canadian company but we offer free shipping on all orders within North America on orders over $75 CAD (and yes duties are fully covered so no hidden surprises)

Is there any other features that make them more premium than others? I like them but interested how these are more expensive than others.

Hey there. Wow more than a year late on this response. Sorry about that. Our deskpads sell for $35CAD which may be a tad higher than other brands however we have really good shipping rates with a flat rate of $5 within Canada and a flat rate of $9 in the USA. Most other deskpad vendors charge much more for shipping (at least in Canada) so we absorb most of that into the subtotal price rather than hide it at checkout.

We also offer free shipping on orders over $75 so if you add a deskpad to your order you would be taking advantage of this free shipping policy. As for our product itself our quality is top notch. We have really high standards of tolerance, we use high quality dense 4mm rubber/foam with a tight flat stitched edge. Our deskpads also ship in a carton retail box where some of the cheaper vendors ship in a bag which can be prone to damage during shipping.

We also work with local artists and graphic designers, some of which are pretty large and well known so we pay a pretty penny for the artwork.